Which services can I access from Kiron Campus?

From the menu bar in Kiron Campus, you can access many of the services offered by Kiron. Find out what each of the icons means reading this article.


1) By clicking on your ''Profile'' you can change your personal information, contact information, language skills etc. This information should always be up to date! 

2) Under ,,Preferences'' you find everything you gave consent to regarding the sharing of your data 



3) Under ''Tools'' you can get automatically to your Kiron gmail, the gmail calendar or to drive. 

The calendar can help you plan your week. It’s a private tool, so you can also use it for your daily life.


Your Kiron account is the most important way for Kiron to contact you! This is where you will receive useful information from Kiron about upcoming courses, events and opportunities. Be sure to log into your Kiron account often!


This is a private space where you can create different types of document (Word, Excel, presentations, ...). Take advantage of all the tools offered!        


4) In the ''Help Center'' you can find answers to a lot of questions you might have. Please always have a look first here before contacting Kiron. Because this will give you a faster answer to your question.