Which services can I access from Kiron Campus?


From the menu bar in Kiron Campus, you can access many of the services offered by Kiron. Find out what each of the icons means reading this article.






The Help Center is where you are right now. Here you can find answers to many of your questions. You can also contact us directly.


Kiron Forum is the Kiron online student community. Here you can talk with other students and ask questions about your studies. 

  1. Account











  • Profile: this is where you can change your personal information, upload your picture, change your study track and download your certificate of enrollment.
  • Settings: this section shows you the consent you have given Kiron to share your data with external service providers. You can also revoke your consent from here.
  • Log out: you can exit Kiron Campus from here. Please remember to log out at the end of a session (especially if you are using a shared computer!)
  1. Menu


Here you get an overview of different language support options: offline and/or online language courses and a list of apps that help you to improve your level of German/English

  •  - available only for students living in Germany

A mentor can support you with your Kiron studies and professional future. From this page, you can register to the program and find a mentor.


A counselor can support you if you are facing difficulties, not just related to your studies. If you feel that talking to someone may be helpful, you can register for this service from here. Counseling is available for all Kiron students.

  •  - available only for students living in Germany, Jordan and Lebanon

Although Kiron is not a university, we can support you with detailed information about how to transfer to university.


Tutorials are opportunities to learn more about a specific topic, with live sessions and real-life instructors.


Preparatory courses give you the opportunity to strengthen some basic skills, both specific to your course and more generic for academic studying.


The calendar can help you plan your week. It’s a private tool, so you can also use it for your daily life.


Your Kiron account is the most important way for Kiron to contact you! This is where you will receive useful information from Kiron about upcoming courses, events and opportunities. Be sure to log into your Kiron account often!


This is a private space where you can create different types of document (Word, Excel, presentations, ...). Take advantage of all the tools offered!