How can I get a certificate on OpenLearn?


OpenLearn offers a free statement of participation for the courses included in your Kiron curriculum.



  • You have to complete the course successfully (read every page and complete all quizzes).


How to get a statement of participation for OpenLearn courses:

  • OpenLearn sends you an email (to your Kiron email address) when your statement of participation is ready; you can click on the link in that email to obtain your certificate directly. Please be patient, it may take up to 24 hours for a statement of participation to be ready.


If you have not received the email or if the link is not working:

  • Sign in to your OpenLearn account with your Kiron email address and click My OpenLearn Profile.


  • Click on My achievements and open the page where you can find all your certificates and badges.



  • You can download or share your certificate by clicking on the corresponding links.


This is what a statement of participation from OpenLearn looks like:



To learn more about certificates from OpenLearn, read here.