What is the mentoring program?


Mentoring is offered by Kiron to students living in Germany. It is a possibility to connect with a professional from one of our partner companies such as Freshfields, Capgemini or Kienbaum to discuss your educational, personal and professional challenges.

Mentoring can help you achieve your goals and boost your academic career. You can discuss projects, plans for the future and challenges holding you back. Mentoring is also a chance for you to improve your English skills, get access to professionals working for well-established companies and create connections.

The program allows you to virtually meet your professional mentor for 12 sessions of one hour, once a week for three months. The sessions take place online through our partner Volunteer Vision. At the end of the program, you will receive a certificate for your participation.

To learn more about mentoring and to sign up to the program, click here. BUT the link only gets you to the mentoring page if you have included mentoring under your goals on Kiron Campus. If not, please do so and press submit your goals!