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What is the CEFR system?

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, often referred to as CEFR or CEFRL, is an international standard to describe the levels of knowledge of languages. There are six stages of language learning - A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. Source: Wikipedia ( Universities often require an official certificate that proves you have C1-level in your language of study. Read more about the most commonly...

How can I improve my language skills online?

For additional online resources. Click on the Tools ( button on the Language School page to find additional language learning tools to help improve your German and English.

How long does it take to advance one level in the CEFR system?

The answer depends on the person, the type of instruction, the learning environment, and other factors. Usually it takes takes a few years of dedicated language study to reach a C1+ level in a foreign language, but there are exceptions and some learners advance more quickly than others. Generally, it takes many hours of intensive language study and practice to advance even one level in the CEFR system. Here is a table that provides a rough idea of how long it takes to advance one level in th...

What happens after I take the inLingua online assessment?

inLingua will contact you directly with an email to your Kiron email account. If you don’t hear from them within a week, please email the Kiron Language School at

Should I sign up for the TOEIC L&R exam myself?

If you finished the TOEIC preparatory module, please email the Kiron Language School at You will then receive an email with instructions on how to sign up for the TOEIC L&R exam. You will also receive a code so that the exam is free of charge. If you don’t receive the email, please check your spam folder. If the email is not there, please email the Language School at

Where can I find information about online tandem opportunities?

A tandem is a form of language learning in which you can practice your language skills by talking with (usually) native speakers. You can check for tandem opportunities in your area or consider online tandem programs and apps. See, for example: HelloTalk (app) - Allows you to practice your language skills with native-speakers - Connects you with native-speakers of the language you want to learn and who want to learn your mother tongue - Post anything about your interests to ...

What should I do before signing up to a language class with Kiron?

First, you must finish registering as a student with Kiron. If you want to take a language course with Kiron, you must also be certain that you can attend all classes and meet all course requirements before you sign up. In many cases Kiron must pay for your class as soon as you sign up. Because language courses are valuable and we have limited resources for all Kiron students, we ask you to be sure you can take the class before registering.

What happens if I do not pass my language certicate exam?

Don’t worry if you didn’t pass your language certificate exam! You can retake the test at another official date. There is no limit to the number of times you can take a certificate exam if you register and pay each time. Before signing up again, we recommend however that you take at least one additional course and allow more preparation time for the sections you had the lowest scores in. Once you think you are ready to take the exam again, it is important to be aware of the registration period...

What is the BerlinerID placement test?

This online assessment is sent by BerlinerID to your Kiron email address after we process your first registration for the course. The results of the online assessment will determine which course level you will follow. It is very important that you take this assessment as you cannot start the course before being assigned to a group level. Please note: you only have to take the assessment once before your first BerlinerID course or after an absence of more than two months.

I just finished my language course, can I sign up again?

Yes, you can. However, our course seats are limited and we can’t guarantee that you will get a place. Please remember to sign up each time through the Kiron Campus (

Can I choose my BerlinerID course for the morning or afternoon?

Unfortunately, not. The BerlinerID course times (9:00 - 13:15 or 14:00 - 18:15) depend on the language level and scheduling. You must attend the language course that is right for your level. Please note that course times are established by BerlinerID and not by the Kiron Language School.

Can Kiron pay for my language exam?

Unfortunately, Kiron can't provide financial support for every student, but in some cases we may be able to support you. If you are a Kiron student in need of financial support for a certificate exam, you can apply to the Kiron Language School. We will review and evaluate applications on the basis of students’ needs and available resources. Please fill out one these forms if you would like to apply for funding for a German ( or English (https://c...

What is an online language assessment?

An online language assessment or exam evaluates your level in a foreign language. You will usually have to take it before starting your language course with Kiron because it is an effective way to determine which language course you should join. The objective of the assessment is to understand your level in the language. Therefore, you cannot fail an assessment. It is still very important that you take it seriously so that we can provide you with the course that best matches your current skills...

What are the official language certificates for English?

If you would like to apply to an English-speaking program, here is some useful information about certificates. Please note, that you should always first check with the individual university to find out which certificates are accepted. Below is an overview of the most commonly accepted language certificates. TOEFL ( Cambridge Assessment English ( IELTS ( UNIcert (http://www.unicert-on...

What are the official language certificates for German?

If you would like to apply to a German university, here is some information about certificates that could be useful. Please note, that you should always first check with the individual university to find out which exams are accepted. Below is an overview of the most commonly accepted language certificates. T ( ( D ( ( Goethe Certificate (

Why can’t I see any language offers on Kiron Campus?

If you cannot see any language course offers on Kiron Campus, it may be because of two reasons: - Availability if the offer: At the moment there are no more free spots for German language course offers. - Not included under ,,My Goals'' on Kiron Campus: You can still take English language courses. But you can only see them if you have included it among your main goals on Kiron Campus. If not, you have to change your goals: Once you have done that, do not forget to press the ye...

How can I find external language courses?

There are different ways to find courses near you. You can: - Look for the university closest to you searching on Google or at (°ree=&courselanguage=&federalstates%5B%5D=14&locations=&admissionsemester=&sort=name&page=1). You can search for your city under Location on the left side of the website. You can also directly contact them, sometimes there are special programs for refugees. -...