How can I get a certificate and continue my course on edX?

Kiron offers certificates for courses provided by edX. These certificates are completely free of cost for Kiron students. To obtain certificates for edX courses, you have to request an upgrade code.

Follow the steps below to obtain an upgrade code for a edX certificate:

  • Always make sure you are enrolled on edX with your Kiron email address (, otherwise the codes won't work! 
  • To upgrade your course to verified, go back to the course page on Kiron Campus and click on the green “Request code” button on the left side. You will instantly be shown an upgrade code.

  • Copy this upgrade code to your clipboard, go back to edX and log in to continue with the course and to obtain your certificate.
  • Make sure that your name is correct on your EdX account, because shows up like this on your certificate! Click Here to check your name. 
  • Find your course in your Dashboard and click on the green button Upgrade to Verified to open the payment page.



  • On the payment page, enter your code in the field Add coupon code and click on Apply. Then confirm the payment.



  • To obtain your certificate, log in to the edX platform and find your course in your Dashboard.
  • For self-paced courses, open the Progress tab in your course page and click on Request Certificate.



  • For courses with specific sessions and for the self-paced courses with ready certificates, click on the blue View Certificate button.



Important information:  

  • To obtain your certificate you have to verify your identity with a webcam and an approved ID on edX (click here to know what is an approved ID). This example shows what an edX Verified Certificate looks like. You can also follow this link to get more information about receiving edX certificates.
  • Please make sure that you are enrolled in the most recent version of the course and it is still possible to upgrade the course. If you miss the deadline for inserting the upgrade code, you have to retake the course in order to get a certificate. Please find instructions here.