ID Verification for edX and Coursera

In order to get verified certificates on EdX and Coursera, you will be asked to verify your identity. This article explains you in detail how this process works for both course providers. Please note the verification for Coursera only works with documents from non-restricted countries. You will find a list for  Coursera down below. 

For EdX

To obtain your certificate you have to verify your identity. You need to take a picture of yourself and another photo of your ID using a webcam. For the best picture results: 

Face Picture 

  • Make sure that your face is well lit, not blurry and fills the picture window. 

ID Picture 

  • Make sure that your ID fills the window, so that your name is clearly visible. 
    • The name of your ID must match the full name you have put on your edX account, using the same language/alphabet. If needed, you can change the name on your EdX account to match with your ID, click here 

It can take 2-3 business days until the photos are verified. If the photo is denied for any reason, the reason of denial will be listed on your dashboard and you can resubmit your picture. For more information, please click on the edx help center article 


For Coursera 

In order to get a Course Certificate, for some courses you have to complete Name verification but for others you have to do ID Verification as well, which includes submitting a photo and verified ID. Here is an explanation of what you have to do. 

You have to provide: 

  • Your full name
  • A clear image of your valid, government-issued photo ID (Driver’s license, passport, national ID) 
  • A clear photo of your face
  • All images must be less than 1mb and .jpg or .png formats.

Valid photo IDs must:

    •    Be current (not expired)

    •    Be originals (not a photocopy)

    •    Be government issued

    •    Be from a non-restricted country

    •    Show your full name and birthdate

    •    Include a clear photo of your face

Usually, the ID verification takes maximum 24 hours. If your ID Verification is not successful, you will get an email to the email address you use for your Coursera account letting you know about the issue. For more information, click on this Coursera help center article