Google IT Support Certificate Short Program

What is the Google IT Support Certificate?

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate program consists of 5 online courses (MOOCs ( that teach you about the basics of IT Support. The course does not replace a formal job training or university degree but will help you develop your professional skills.

What are requirements for getting the Google IT Support Certificate?

After completing the courses, you will get a certificate (click here ( to find out how to get a certificate on Coursera). Please note: If you are from Iran, Sudan, Crimea, Cuba, Syria or North Korea, you might have problems downloading your certificate after completing the courses. Find out more about this in the Coursera Help Center ( Please understand that Kiron ...

How do you sign up for the Google IT Certificate Program?

1. Log in on Kiron Campus and go to “Change my goals” on the left. 2. Select the Google IT Support Professional Certificate under “I want to study online: Short programs”. Don’t forget to click “Submit your goals” at the bottom of the page. 3. Go back to the Overview to find the Google IT courses under the “MAIN GOALS”. Click “continue studying”. 4. Follow the instructions on Kiron Campus. If you haven’t already, you will need to create an account on Coursera using your Kiron email ad...

Is all the course content online? Will there be exams?

All course materials and exams in the certificate program are online. There are several quizzes and assignments in the courses that you need to pass in order to get the certificate.