How can I add my Kiron email to an iPhone?

Adding your Kiron email account to your phone is a convenient way to keep in touch with Kiron without having to open a laptop. You can add your Kiron email address to your phone and still keep your private one in the same place. You can switch from Kiron to private very easily.

Here is how you can add your Kiron email to your iPhone:

  1. Open your phone Settings.
  2. Scroll down until finding Accounts & Passwords.




       3. Click on Add Account.




       4. Click on Google.




     5. Enter your Kiron email address and tap Next.




    6. Enter your password.




   7.Enter the 2-Step Verification code and tap Next.




 8.You have to sync your email (make sure the button near the Mail icon turns green) to be able to receive Kiron emails on your phone. Select Mail in the menu and click Save.




You can now easily switch between your personal and your Kiron email account.