How can I upload my certificate and verify the course?

When you complete a course, remember to upload the certificate or a screenshot of your progress in the course card in Kiron Campus. Kiron can then verify your course, so that it can be included in your transcript of records.


To get a certificate from a course you completed, read here. You can upload your certificate following these instructions:


  • Click on Finished on the course card in Kiron Campus.


  • Click on My Progress to see an overview of the courses you marked as finished. Down below on the same page, you can upload your progress or certificate. 


  • Upload the certificate or screenshot of your progress and click Save.



The verification of documents takes a maximum 10 working days. When the course is verified, this sign will appear on the course card:

If after more than 10 working days your course is still not verified, please contact us.


Note. When you complete a course from Coursera or Saylor, they are automatically verified. After completion, just click on Finished on the course card and the verification process will start. We still recommend that you download the certificate from Coursera and Saylor and save it for your own records.