How can I get a certificate on Coursera?


Coursera offers verified certificates for most courses in your Kiron curriculum. These certificates are completely free of cost for Kiron students registered in the Coursera for Refugees program.



  • You have to be enrolled in Coursera for Refugees with your Kiron email address

  • You have to complete your Coursera for Refugees profile, which includes uploading a photo and a verified ID (click here to know what is a verified ID)

  • You have to achieve a minimum passing grade in all required assignments in the course   


How to get your certificate from Coursera

  • Make sure you are logged into Coursera for Refugees with your Kiron email address

  • Open the Accomplishments page from the menu on the left



  • Select the completed course that you would like to get the certificate for



  • On the completed course page, click View Certificate on the certificate image



  • You can then download or copy the link for sharing your certificate


To learn more about certificates from Coursera, read here.