How can I use Kiron Forum?


Kiron Forum is the online Kiron community where you will be able to discuss topics related to your studies, ask questions to your study track coordinators and get to know other Kiron students. You can access Kiron Forum directly from your Kiron Campus.

  • When you click on the round picture (1), you can see all your notifications. From there, you also access your Settings (2).


  • When you click on Settings, you can see the Preferences page. From Account, you can change your username, password, and upload a profile picture.



  • Click on Profile and write something about you, so that the other students will know you better. Add your date of birth, and a cake will appear next to your name on your birthday so that Kiron can celebrate with you.


  • On Emails, choose which type of emails you want to receive



  • On Notifications and Categories, choose what type of information you want to be updated about.



  • Always remember to click on Save Changes when you update your settings.


  • To start a conversation, post a comment or question, click on New Topic. Choose the Category where you want your message to appear, and type your message!