How can I add my Kiron email to an Android phone?


Adding your Kiron email account to your phone is a convenient way to keep in touch with Kiron without having to open a laptop. You can add your Kiron email address to your phone and still keep your private one in the same place. You can switch from Kiron to private very easily.

Please note, that Kiron will communicate with you through your Kiron email account only as of January 2019. Make sure to start checking it regularly.


  1. Open your phone settings.
  2. Scroll down until finding Accounts or Users & Accounts.




       3. Click on Account.




     4. Click Add account.



     5. Select Google.




     5. Enter your Kiron email address and tap Next.





       6. Enter your password. Tap Next again.




       7. You will have to enter the 2-Step Verification code you received on your phone.




You can now easily switch between your personal and your Kiron email account.