What are Kiron Live Tutorials?

Join our live tutorials to study together with an instructor and other Kiron students!

What is a Kiron live tutorial?

  • Live sessions given by a qualified instructor to help you go through specific MOOCs and courses.

  • It takes place once a week, at a fixed time, on an online platform (for example Google hangouts).

  • A tutorial can last from eight to twelve weeks.

  • You can ask questions about anything you find difficult during the course.

How can I sign up for a Kiron live tutorial?

  • When a new tutorial is created and it fits your study track, we will send you an email with all the information about it. 

  • You can sign up on Kiron campus. When a tutorial is available you can see it inside the module, together with other courses.

  • To attend the session: open the email you receive after signing up -> follow the link to the Google classroom -> join the session on Google hangout on the time!

Kiron Live Tutorial is a great opportunity to receive feedback from your instructor and interact with other students. It is not extra work, but it helps you go through the work you already have. Plus, if you attend the sessions regularly you will receive a Kiron certificate.

Remember to always check your Kiron email for more information and news regarding tutorials.

Questions? Contact us at student-support@kiron.ngo.