How can I take courses?


This walkthrough shows you the most important steps to successfully study online with Kiron. This example is a course from edX, please be aware that the process may look a bit different with other course providers.


  • Click on the course card below Next Course Up.



  • Click Enroll now.



  • A pop-up will explain you how to enroll on edX. If you are not yet registered on the external course provider, follow the instructions and click Enroll.


  • You will then be redirected to the course provider page (in this case edX).
  • Click Enroll now.



  • You have to log in to the course provider. To log in, you can use the Google option (1), or use your Kiron email address to sign in (2).



  • Click on the button View Course or Resume Course for the course you want to study.



  • Click Start Course.



  • You can now start the course! The frame on the top (marked in red in the picture) shows you where you are.



  • You can also click Resume Course to see the course plan.



In the section marked in red in the picture below, you can:

  • Go back to your course
  • Have discussions with other people studying the same course
  • See your progress in the course



Of course, you don’t have to finish the course in one session.

  • When you want to go back to the course, go through Kiron Campus again. Click on the course card in the Current Courses section and then on Go to Course.