What are Kiron partner universities?



Kiron has two types of agreements with universities, Learning Agreements, and Memoranda of Understanding. Universities that signed a Learning Agreement with Kiron agree that Kiron’s modules are equal to their study programs, which makes recognition of Kiron credit points easier. A Memorandum of Understanding means that the university is interested in collaborating with Kiron, but that the details of the collaboration have not been defined.


Agreements with universities do not guarantee Kiron students direct access to the university. Students must follow the regular application procedures and fulfill the requirements of the university. They also need to apply to get credits recognized, and it is up to universities to decide, on a case by case basis, which credits can be recognized.


That said, you can also try to get modules recognized at non-partner universities. In any case, we recommend applying to the university that best suits your study goal, independent of our current partner universities. You can find a list of Kiron partner universities in Germany here.