Why can't I upload my document at step 5 of the application?


If you are blocked at step 5 of your application to Kiron, it could be for several reasons:

  • The size of the document you are trying to upload is too big (max 8Mb).

  • The format of the document you are trying to upload is not correct. The formats accepted are: pdf. or gif., or png. or jpg. Please make sure to save your document as one of the formats accepted.

  • You are not using Google Chrome, or Google Chrome is not updated. Please make sure to use an updated Google Chrome.

  • You are applying to Kiron using your phone; this can sometimes cause technical problems. Please try applying using a computer.


Important: be sure that the document you upload proves your refugee/asylum seeker/IDP/Lebanese or Jordanian citizen status.


If you tried all the options above and still cannot upload your document, please contact us here.